About Staylisted

Our Core Values

Stay Sharp

Ours is an industry that is always changing and we make sure we keep changing with it. It’s important that we stay sharp enough to continue to penetrate the market. We’re sharp in the way we dress, the way we learn, and the way we execute our jobs. From the moment we wake up until we clock out, we stay sharp.

Stay Dynamic

We’re not a complacent bunch; just happy to stay static for the rest of our lives… Instead, we want to make dynamic movements toward bettering ourselves personally and professionally. We believe that growth comes from setting goals and pushing everyday to make these goals a reality.

Stay Bold

We’re a big, bold family that’s not afraid to share our knowledge and experiences with each other. We know that the path to leadership is through being confident and brave enough to share power, rather than hoarding it.

Stay Mindful

Instead of big government and micromanaging, we know the best way to win is to coach. We huddle, make sure everyone understands the play, and leave it to each other to run our routes – that way everyone has fun playing the game.

Stay Loyal

Customers aren’t always right, but the customer always comes first. We service, sell, and advocate to the best of our ability with their interests at heart. We stay loyal and stand behind clients like family.

Stay Creative

Instead of offering one-size-fits-all solutions to problems, we come up with creative ways to meet unique client problems head on. We expect the best and prepare for the worst by implementing creative, out-of-the-box ideas to get the job done while delighting customers.

Stay Harmonious

We’re a family that extends beyond teams and departments. We trust and respect each other, knowing that we’ll all do our jobs effectively, correctly, and with integrity. We have a good time while together and look for opportunities to be part of the family, and not the other way around.

Stay Balanced

We know our service works, and we know that selling is helping. We feel confident staying balanced by offering clients services and upgrades that they need, while keeping the health of the company in mind.

Stay Fair

We know that a great team member is someone who embodies all of our core values to the utmost extent. We value performance in each of these areas and recognize those who work hard to excel.

Stay Ultra

We go above and beyond our best to be the greatest and offer the most for the customer, the team, and ourselves. We embrace all of our core values and display them every day in even the smallest action. We’re not happy with the least because we’re ultra in everything we do.

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